The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

In a dense forest, where the trees reach high into the sky, lived a cunning and hungry wolf. Despite trying many times, he had never managed to get close to the tasty-looking sheep in the nearby meadow. Every time he crept up, the sheep either recognized him immediately and ran away, or the watchful shepherd chased him away with his dogs.

One day, the wolf had an idea. “If I look like a sheep, maybe they won’t notice me,” he thought. 

He found the wool of a sheep that had died and pulled it over his furry body. Now he looked just like a real sheep, at least at first glance.

The disguised wolf slowly approached the herd. “Baa,” he said quietly so as not to attract attention. The sheep, who were grazing peacefully, did not notice. He could hardly believe his luck! 

“This is going to work!” he thought. 

When evening came, the wolf followed the sheep into the stable. The shepherd didn’t notice the intruder when he counted his sheep before closing the stable door. 

The wolf waited patiently until everyone grew quiet. In the darkness, he crept up to one of the sheep. “Now you’re mine,” he thought and licked his lips.

But just at that moment, the shepherd came back into the stable. He had forgotten to select a sheep for the market the next morning. Not recognizing the wolf, the shepherd reached for him and pulled him by his wool. The wolf was so surprised that he didn’t move.

When the shepherd pulled away the sheepskin, he could hardly believe his eyes. 

“A wolf!” he shouted, startled. The wolf had been caught and his plan had failed.

What is the moral of The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
This story shows us that it is not wise to pretend to be someone else in order to deceive others. Sooner or later the truth will come out and will lead to unpleasant consequences. That is why it is always better to be honest and authentic.
What do you think?
From your point of view, what is the moral of this fable? Let us know in the comments!

Note: This story is based on Aesop’s fable, written around 600 BC. It was modernized and illustrated by us.

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