Leo The Cat And The Striped Sweater

Leo The Cat And The Striped Sweater

In general, Leo was a happy cat. Sometimes he did get a little bored. But he loved his family very much and fortunately they gave him a lot of freedom.

He especially liked to lounge on the windowsill, letting the sun’s early morning rays warm him. He was there now, snoozing comfortably and purring softly. 

“This is a great way to spend a morning,” he thought, contemplating what he might do with the rest of the day. He hoped he wouldn’t be disturbed.

Yesterday, Leo’s family had been very busy. Even though it had been the weekend, they had spontaneously decided to do some spring cleaning.

Leo had thought everything was fine as it was, but sometimes humans have funny ideas. As a cat, there was nothing he could do to change their minds. 

They had started with all the windows, then they had moved all the furniture and had vacuumed every corner. They had wiped every surface but they had not put things back where they belonged.

They had rolled up the carpets and taken them outside to be beaten out. They had used cleaning equipment so loud it was almost unbearable. No matter where Leo had tried to be, he had always been in someone’s way.

“Out of the way, Leo!” his mom had said. As Leo moved out of the way, someone else tripped over him. He had just been looking for a bit of attention! 

Finally, Leo had crawled into the closet to escape the chaos. He wasn’t really allowed in the closet, but no one had noticed in all the hustle and bustle. He had looked at all the jackets, shirts, pants and other items of clothing that were neatly lined up on hangers or stacked on shelves.

He hadn’t been feeling sleepy so he had begun to take a closer look around. He had been particularly taken with a striped sweater and was drawn to its bright colors. 

If he had a sweater like this, he thought, he wouldn’t always be dressed in gray and white and could stop worrying that his fur was too boring. “A little color would do me some good,” he said. He had continued to admire the red, blue, yellow and green stripes of the sweater.

“Yes, this is exactly the kind of sweater I need!” Leo had carefully pulled the sweater out of the closet and had tried it on in front of the mirror. 

“Oh! It’s huge!” Even though Leo had been standing upright on two paws in front of the mirror, he had gotten tangled in the long sleeves. “It’s too big. Might as well put me in a sack,” Leo had grumbled. “I need a sweater in my size!”

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