Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Looking to find bedtime stories for kids? Here you will find a wide collection of free stories to be read aloud for bedtime. Just click on a story you like and enjoy reading! 

Free Bedtime Stories for Kids

Our Collection of Stories

In many families, bedtime stories for kids are part of the evening ritual of falling asleep. They convey security, stimulate the imagination, and lead to wonderful dreams. On this page, you will find over 30 stories that we have written ourselves over the past years and illustrated with much love.

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Some of our characters already appear in multiple stories. For example, Leo, the friendly tomcat, has already experienced many adventures. In one story, he bakes waffles while his family is at work. In the process, though, he doesn’t even notice that he’s already eaten way too much and can barely move. Another short bedtime story features Leo the cat surprising his family with a colorfully decorated Christmas tree.

In another children’s story, little Jason loses his first baby tooth. He then meets the tooth fairy. She explains to Jason that the twinkling stars in the sky are baby teeth that have fallen out. This motivates Jason to brush his teeth especially well in the future, so that the stars in the sky always sparkle brightly.

Jasper the lion is pensive and doesn’t want to play with his friends. Of course, Susan the zebra and Richard the meerkat would like to know why he is so sad. However, because Jasper doesn’t really want to tell them, they have to use a few sly tricks. They learn that Jasper accidentally broke his grandmother’s teapot. That’s why he now has a guilty conscience. Together, the friends think about how they can help Jasper the lion.

Creative Entertainment for all Ages

Most of our listeners are kids. However, our free stories are also enjoyed by adults. If you just want to switch off from everyday life and are looking for something different, you will find great inspiration here.

Our collection of bedtime stories for kids is constantly growing, and new stories are added regularly. We would be very happy if you like them and they bring you sweet dreams. Feel free to share this page with your friends or family. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to leave us a comment. We very much look forward to hearing from you!