Inspector Winston: A furry friend with a flair for detective work

Inspector Walter is a curious and courageous dachshund with a passion for exciting cases. There is always something to discover in his idyllic neighborhood, and he is always ready to solve riddles and uncover secrets.

Welcome to Inspector Winston

Inspector Winston’s Stories

With his keen nose and detective instincts, Inspector Winston helps his dear neighbor Mrs. Robertson when something unexpected happens. Whether it’s the mysterious disappearance of her flowers, the delicious yeast wreath at Christmas time or strange noises from the attic – Inspector Winston leaves no stone unturned to solve the mystery.

Sometimes the most amazing things happen in the small town where he lives. From missing jewels in the museum to unusual activities and suspicious characters, Inspector Winston is always on the trail and ready to crack any case.

Join Inspector Winston on his adventures and experience how a little dachshund does great detective work!