The Savanna Friends: a team that sticks together

The savannah friends are a cheerful group of animals who experience exciting adventures together. Jasper the lion, Susan the zebra and Richard the meerkat always stand by each other, no matter what challenges life throws at them. Together with their friends, they show that true friendship and solidarity can overcome anything.

Welcome to the Savanna Friends

The Stories of the Savanna Friends

Jasper, the thoughtful lion, always has an open ear for his friends’ worries. Susan the zebra, who sometimes feels insecure, always finds support and encouragement in her community. Richard the meerkat, the explorer, learns the importance of friendship and sharing joy through his friends. Sara the giraffe shows that you can overcome any challenge by joining forces. Nelly the elephant proves that you can overcome even the biggest hurdles with inspiration and courage. And little hippo Kelly learns that you have to believe in your dreams and fight for them, even when others doubt them.

Together, the savannah friends experience funny, heart-warming and educational adventures. Their stories show how important friendship, solidarity and mutual support are. Discover the world of the Savannah friends and be inspired by their adventures!