Abigail’s Easter Secret

Abigail's Easter Secret

On a cool morning in April, Abigail grazed with pleasure with her siblings in the pasture. They lived where others vacationed. 

Every day in the summer, they could look out over the sea from the dike and watch the many tourists taking pleasure in refreshing themselves in the sea, going for walks, or struggling with their coolers and umbrellas. 

“Look, it’s them again!” Abigail’s big brother Henry said. All the sheep looked at the same time to see the family they had all become used to seeing during the high season. 

For generations, these people always came exactly here. They chose exactly the same spot on the beach and always chose the same beach chair. When the sheep saw them, they knew that it must be high season once again. 

Abigail’s mind was already on this summertime idea when she was suddenly jerked uncomfortably out of her daydream. 

“Hey, Abigail, you’re daydreaming again! You better watch out that you don’t trip into one of those ditches and get stuck!” said her older sister Margaret. 

In fact, this was one of the greatest dangers for sheep living here on the dike. Once they stumbled into such a ditch, and if it was muddy and narrow inside, it was almost impossible for them to get out on their own. 

Abigail had already seen a few sheep stuck in a ditch. They had to rely on help from passersby or the shepherd. “I definitely don’t want this to happen to me!” she thought, taking on a rock-solid resolve.

With her older sister’s warning, Abigail was wide awake again, and with her next bite, she sobered to find that the grass was cold as ice and still full of morning dew. “Well, I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer for summer!” she thought, somewhat disappointed.

Suddenly, unrest spread through the flock of sheep. From a distance they saw the shepherd arriving with his dogs. “Surely we are to go to the other side of the dike,” she heard another sheep mutter. 

“Yes, I think so too!” exclaimed another sheep. None of them particularly wanted to change sides, because then they could no longer enjoy the unobstructed view of the sea. 

When the shepherd and his dogs arrived at their side, the hustle and bustle started. Everyone was herded together in a large circle so that no sheep got lost. 

Meanwhile, Abigail’s attention was drawn to something she had never seen before in her pasture. A red, shiny egg lay in a clump of tall grass. 

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