Christmas Stories

The Winter Supply Thief

The Winter Supply Thief

Autumn arrived quickly. The leaves changed color and fell gently to the ground with the breeze.  “It’s time to go foraging again,” the little field hamster thought to himself. Careful not to be seen, he nimbly scurried out of his burrow and across the field. Until recently, tall grass and bushy corn stalks had been

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The Three Forest Musicians

The Three Forest Musicians

Rustling could be heard throughout the forest this time of year. The autumn leaves fell softly to the ground and sometimes single, brightly colored leaves floated up towards the sky. “Do you hear those wonderful songs too?” whispered Bruce the Bear when he spotted Matthew the Raccoon behind a tree.  Matthew nodded and they both

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Perry's First Christmas

Perry’s First Christmas

Listen to the audiobook for kids: Each day at dusk, Perry the Raccoon made his way through the city streets. He was very familiar with this neighborhood. He knew exactly which front yards had the best fruit trees and which backyards had the most leftovers from people’s barbecues. The other animals in town knew Perry

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Christmas Without Mommy

Christmas Without Mommy

Listen to the audiobook for kids: “How many days are left until Christmas?” asked Bo the Penguin excitedly as he dashed downstairs to the kitchen. Daddy Penguin grinned and pointed to a big blue “x” on the calendar hanging next to the stove.  “Not long now! Vacation starts in a week and then only three

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Christmas With Bruce The Bear

Christmas With Bruce the Bear

A bear family lived in a cozy wooden cabin located in a dense spruce forest. Daddy Bear, Mommy Bear and Bruce were very happy. The forest provided everything they needed. Daddy Bear built beautiful furniture out of wood in his workshop behind the house. He was very skilled. He most often built tables and chairs,

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Theodore's Christmas Surprise

Theodore’s Christmas Surprise

Listen to the audiobook for kids: It was Christmastime and a thick layer of snow had settled on the roofs of the houses in the little mice settlement. Smoke billowed from each chimney and a lantern hung outside each door casting a warm glow in the snow.  “Nothing smells better than your cookies do, Mommy,”

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The Little Christmas Tree

The Little Christmas Tree

Listen to the audiobook for kids: A small fir tree grew on the edge of a vast forest. On one side, the little tree could look at the big trees in the forest that were much taller. Close by stood an old oak tree. It had a huge trunk and a mighty crown. It was

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