Leo the Cat Celebrates His Birthday

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Leo the cat celebrates his birthday

On a sunny day, Leo lay on a warm garden bench and dozed. It was so hot that weekend that he just lay there and daydreamed. 

His family was also noticeably sluggish. They spent the weekend together in the shady garden. They sat under a parasol, leafing through magazines and waving some air in their faces. 

But suddenly Leo’s attention was caught by a loud bang. “Well, what was that?” he heard his family ask. 

Leo jumped down from the garden bench and peeked through the small hole in the hedge. He was sure that the loud bang was coming from the neighbor’s yard. And indeed! There was a lot going on in the neighbor’s yard. 

Leo tried to push his head a little further through the prickly branches of the hedge, but he failed in his attempt. Somewhat reluctantly, he pushed himself backwards into the garden. 

Leo was annoyed because he couldn’t see enough and thought about how he could get a better overview of what was happening at the neighbors’ house. When he arrived at the fence in front of the neighbor’s property, Leo could hardly believe his eyes. 

The otherwise boring garden had been transformed into a sea of colorful balloons and countless colorful pennants were hanging from the gutter of the gazebo, attached to a beautiful cord.

While Leo marveled at the beautiful decorations, a crowd of happy children dashed across his neighbors’ yard. “What’s the big party here?” Leo asked curiously. 

He hid behind a large rose bush and watched the colorful hustle and bustle enthusiastically. Only now did he see the neighbor’s child with a huge balloon in his hand. 

“Now I can pop the balloon!” the little girl shouted to the other children. Just a few moments later, Leo’s fur stood on end again. The pop was so loud and yet so beautiful. There were lots of small, colorful pieces of paper hidden inside the balloon, which now whirled through the air and fluttered around above the heads of the jumping children. 

Now Leo recognized the girl’s parents. They came to the children with a tray of cakes and began to sing a melodic song. When the other children wished the neighbor girl a happy birthday, Leo also understood what was being celebrated. 

“So little Emilie is five years old today,” the cat murmured quietly. “How old am I actually? And why have I never celebrated a birthday before? ” 

At that moment, Leo knew that he also wanted to celebrate such a wonderful party. With everything that went with it, of course. He tried to memorize everything he had observed and resolved to celebrate his own birthday just as beautifully. 

But then he started to wonder: “When is my birthday?” Leo admitted to himself that he didn’t know and also that his family hadn’t organized a birthday party for him yet. “Never mind, we’ll start this year then!” Leo decided cheerfully and thought about how he would organize his party on the way home. 

The next morning, Leo’s humans said goodbye and went to work as usual. Leo had a lot planned for today and didn’t want to waste a minute preparing for his birthday. 

He climbed down the stairs to the cellar and looked around. “Hmm, where could the boxes with the decorations have gone?” he asked himself, hoping that they hadn’t recently been stowed away in the dusty attic. 

Leo searched the entire cellar, turning and turning all the boxes and cartons and finally found the box with the balloons, confetti and colorful wrapping paper. 

Leo grabbed everything he found useful and spread it out on the wooden floor in the living room. “First I have to get an overview,” Leo decided. Then he thought about what else he needed for his party and decided on something for each day of the week. 

“I’ll make the invitation cards tomorrow,” he thought to himself. But what day would the party be on? Leo sat on the worktop in the kitchen. The family calendar was hanging there, with a few entries already visible. 

Leo’s annual doctor’s appointment was also entered there. But there was no mention of his birthday. “Then I’ll just decide for myself. At least then I can choose the best day of the year,” grinned Leo contentedly. 

He drew a red X in the calendar and decided to celebrate the following Saturday. Leo took a pair of scissors, glue and some sturdy cardboard and cut out a few colorful circles and triangles. 

“Looks nice and cheerful!” he said admiringly. But just as he was about to start sticking the cut-out shapes onto the cards, something happened. The liquid glue spread not only on the invitation card, but also in the fur of his paws. 

“Oh dear!” meowed Leo desperately. “I’d better take a break for today and leave the invitation cards out.” Leo spent the rest of the afternoon washing his paws and tidying up the living room. Of course, he didn’t want his family to find out about his plans. After all, his birthday party was supposed to be a surprise for everyone. 

After the cat had been secretly working on his preparations all week and the entire built-in cupboard in the cellar was filled with balloons, garlands and confetti, Leo only had one thing left to do: The birthday cake still had to be baked. 

Hoping to find all the ingredients in his family’s cupboards, Leo searched the entire kitchen. Fortunately, he found all the ingredients he already knew from his waffle batter: Flour, milk, eggs and some sugar. 

But just as he was opening the last cupboard in the kitchen to find a mixer and a mixing bowl, a tin of tuna suddenly rumbled towards him. “Oh, what a great idea!”, thought Leo and decided to turn his recipe into a tuna cake without further ado. 

By late afternoon, Leo had finally finished the cake and tidied up the kitchen. “Phew, a birthday like this is exhausting!” Leo realized, exhausted, and lay down on his favourite windowsill to relax. Through the windowpane, he looked at the beautiful wooden table under the apple tree. “That’s where my birthday will be tomorrow!” he decided happily and fell asleep exhausted. 

In the evening, Leo watched his humans go to sleep. When he heard a soft snore, he jumped down from the windowsill and started to pull out a yellow linen tablecloth and a small vase of flowers. Then he made his way to the cellar on velvet paws to fetch the many balloons and garlands from the cupboard. 

Of course, everything had to happen very quietly. Luckily, the patio door was only ajar due to the nice weather and Leo was able to go out into the garden with ease. “It’s pretty dark and a bit scary here, Meow!” thought Leo, who would never actually leave the house at night of his own free will. But Leo was so excited about his birthday that he even ignored the rustling grass and the calls of the eagle owl. 

The cat knew exactly how everything should look and hung some garlands in the apple tree in no time at all, laid the yellow tablecloth on the wooden table, picked some grasses and flowers and placed them in the small vase on the table. “All that’s missing are the balloons,” Leo said with relief. 

The cat skillfully climbed up the apple tree and tried to attach the balloons to the branches with some ribbon. “Not so easy when you have to hold on tight and nobody helps you,” grumbled Leo, now somewhat exhausted. 

With the last of his strength, he somehow managed to attach the colorful balloons to the tree and then jumped onto the soft grass. He looked at his work and when he saw the tuna cake on the laid table, he was briefly tempted to try a slice. “No, I can’t do that until my birthday,” he reminded himself. Leo lay down on the windowsill and fell asleep immediately. 

The next morning, Leo’s humans were already in the kitchen preparing coffee. When Leo’s master spotted the red X and a cat’s paw on the calendar, he looked into the living room and contemplated his sleeping cat. 

“Nice weather today,” he said contentedly as he made his way to the patio door. But what was it? The whole garden was colorfully decorated and there were flowers and a cake on the table.

He walked curiously down the stairs and smelled the cake. “Smells like fish. And why is there a cake with tuna in it?” And then he remembered. The Red Cross and the cat’s paw in the calendar, a cake with fish and all the beautiful balloons in the tree. 

Leo’s master ran back into the kitchen and called out to his wife: “Why didn’t you tell me it was Leo’s birthday today? I would have helped you with the preparations.”

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