The Early Onset Of Winter

The Early Onset of Winter

One morning, the little squirrel named Timmy was awakened in his cozy hiding place. He was asleep when suddenly a tiny snowflake landed on the tip of his nose.

Timmy shook his bushy fur, blinked his dark beady eyes at the sky, and thought, “If the first snow is falling now, then it will be winter soon.”

The squirrel walked through the forest and called out, “Friends, winter is coming soon. I saw a snowflake today!” But none of the other forest dwellers answered. All his friends were still asleep and would not be alarmed.

“All right, I’ll go by myself,” Timmy decided bravely. He grabbed his basket, strapped it around his back, and headed for a meadow with lots of nut trees.

The path to the meadow was long, and with each step, it got colder and windier. “This can’t be happening,” Timmy thought. “Why is winter coming so early this year? I haven’t collected anything yet, and once the snow gets here, I’ll find fewer nuts.”

After the long hike to the meadow, he diligently dug and dug under the big trees. Every now and then, he would find a dropped nut or a buried acorn from last year. He carefully placed his spoils in the basket.

When the basket was half full, it began to get dark, and Timmy decided to find a place to sleep. He found an abandoned nest in one of the nut trees and snuggled in. “Tomorrow, the search for nuts will continue,” he thought to himself.

When the little squirrel woke up the next day, he saw a thick blanket of snow on the meadow. “Oh NO! Winter is here!” Timmy nimbly climbed down from the tree and began to reach the ground with his paws through the solid blanket of snow. The search for nuts was arduous. It was bitterly cold and Timmy only found a few edible things.

Just as he was putting the nuts he had collected into his basket, a little mouse came trudging through the snow. Little ice crystals stuck to its whiskers. 

“Hello, Timmy. I see you started collecting in time and have already found many nuts. I slept through the onset of winter and now have nothing to eat.” 

Timmy saw that the little mouse was cold and that it must be hungry. “All right, little mouse. I can give you some nuts.” The little mouse thanked him and went back into the forest with the nuts.

Shortly after, a little hedgehog came and said, “Hello, Timmy. It’s terribly cold, isn’t it? I didn’t expect the rapid onset of winter at all. Before I go into hibernation, I have to eat something. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything in the snow.” 

Timmy knew the hedgehog and didn’t want him to go hungry. “I can give you some earthworms.” The hedgehog thanked him and went back to his burrow.

Just as Timmy was about to continue collecting, a little rabbit hobbled by. “Hello, dear squirrel. I see you found lots of nuts. I hurt my paw and can’t collect any more now.” 

Timmy took pity on the rabbit. “Your paw must be hurting a lot. I can give you some nuts, maybe it will help.” The rabbit thanked him and limped on.

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