Leo The Cat And The Bright Star

Leo The Cat And The Bright Star

It was nearly Christmas and Leo’s family was expecting a lot of guests. This meant there was extra hustle and bustle in the house while the family prepared for the holidays. 

Leo was not feeling well at all. He had a cold and was especially in need of cuddles but no one had the time. Of course he was still fed, but the constant sneezing and malaise spoiled even his appetite. 

So he retreated to his quiet spot and tried to get better. He remembered Grandpa Benjamin always saying that sleep makes you healthy and the tomcat wanted to stick to that.

Leo liked it very much when the extended family got together. It was always so cheerful and there were special treats and lots of attention. Although, the small children sometimes bothered Leo quite a bit, it was quite pleasant when their little hands would brush through his fur. He just didn’t like when they sometimes hit him in the eye or pulled his whiskers.

The worst was the persistent pulling on his tail when they wanted to ride Leo like a little horse. Fortunately, Leo was an expert at saving himself by leaping onto his windowsill.

Lost in memories, Leo dozed off and listened the hustle and bustle. 

The decorated fir tree glittered in the center of the room. The family set the table with many place settings and decorated it with candles. It all looked beautiful.  

“If only these sniffles would go away… Meow!” thought Leo.

Before he knew it, his mother gently woke him from his dreams and scratched his neck. 

“What’s the matter, Leo? Are you not feeling well? You haven’t even touched your bowl of food yet. Tomorrow is Christmas and everyone is looking forward to seeing you!” she said. Then she grabbed the vacuum cleaner and was gone.

“Wow! Everyone is looking forward to seeing me? Well, I am a very important member of the family!” Leo thought. His appetite came back a bit and he walked over to his food bowl.

When the doorbell rang the next day, Leo was the first to greet the guests and rub against everyone’s legs for attention. 

The children even brought him gifts! He got a plastic mouse to chase. 

“Thank goodness it isn’t real!” he thought. He also got a green bouncy ball that the adults had more fun with than he did. 

“What I wouldn’t do for my family,” he thought to himself and rolled his eyes.

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