Leo The Cat And The Music Room

Leo The Cat And The Music Room

What a terrible noise! They’re disrupting my tranquil afternoon, again!” Leo thought, closing his eyes and covering his ears with his paws. “Can’t an old cat enjoy his favorite place to nap in peace?”

With some difficulty, Leo stood up. He stretched and yawned on the windowsill where he liked to snooze. Recently, Leo’s family had unceremoniously converted the room where Leo’s favorite napping spot was into a music room. They had arranged chairs in a circle and someone was always practicing on one of the various musical instruments that were scattered around the room. He already hated the violin the most.

It actually wasn’t new that his family was playing music. There was even a dedicated music room in the house. But it was strange that they were now practicing in the living room. 

Leo’s family had started being joined regularly by music-making strangers. Leo usually likes visitors, but these people didn’t notice him at all. It was like he was invisible to them! They went straight to the chairs and became completely engrossed in their music.

Generally, Leo didn’t mind human-made music. But this cacophony of sound could hardly be called music at all. There was no harmony. It was unbearable! 

The noises that were coming from the new music room reminded Leo of the cat concerts that occasionally took place at night in the neighbor’s yard. Leo would cautiously, but in the perfect safety of his family’s home, look down from his windowsill and think of how very glad he was not to be involved in the scary hissing and mewing of the neighborhood cats.

He imagined the stray cats were fighting for their territory. Maybe they were making new friendships? Leo wasn’t sure. Fortunately, he was never involved. In any case, they made similar noises to the violin that was being played. 

Leo instinctively arched his back and shook the tension from his body. This always caused him to lose a lot of his fur, but he didn’t care. A big cloud of fur drifted throughout the room, sticking to the armchairs, the carpet and the musical instruments. 

Leo’s family hated when his fur went everywhere. Just the other day, Leo overheard his mom looking frantically for a lint brush and yelling, “You’d think we have a lion in the house with the way Leo is shedding!”

She had continued complaining, “You can’t leave the house without brushing yourself off first. Has anyone seen the lint brush?” After another few minutes of searching, she exclaimed, “That’s it! I’m adding ten lint brushes to my Christmas wish list this year!”

Leo wondered why his family didn’t like his beautiful fur.

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