Jeffrey the Seagull

Jeffrey the Seagull

Every day, in good weather and in bad, large and small ships pass through a narrow waterway along a rocky coastal landscape. The old lighthouse guides their way and ensures good visibility, even at night and during heavy storms. From the beach, you can easily observe the many ships.

The beach was Seagull Jeffrey’s favorite place. Every day he looked at the big and small ships and dreamed of the wild adventures of the seafarers. But one day, Jeffrey was startled by a loud honking and the sound of an engine as he was gulping down a lugworm.

Quickly, he set off and flew towards the harbor. He saw many large ships crowding closely together through the narrow waterway. They honked excitedly and seemed to cruise around disoriented.

Jeffrey scratched his head with his wing. No one knew the harbor as well as he did, but there had never been such chaos here. After all, the lighthouse helped to bring the ships safely into the harbor.

But suddenly it became clear to him. The light in the lighthouse was not working that day. Bad weather was forecast for the afternoon and for the next few days.

Thick fog was supposed to roll in, and thunderclouds would make visibility even worse. The large ships were approaching dangerously close to shore, barely keeping their distance from each other.

Jeffrey pondered and thought about how he could help the ships. He didn’t hesitate long, grabbed a small lantern, and tied it around his neck. Shortly thereafter, he was floating through the air again.

The waves were getting bigger and higher. Jeffrey could barely see a beak’s length ahead. But he was not afraid. He was the only one who could help now.

No one had watched the lighthouse with its signals for as long and as closely as he had. As the honking grew louder and louder and the smell of engine oil and heavy diesel grew stronger, Jeffrey knew that he must have reached the first ship.

And indeed, he saw a large, red wall looming up in front of him. He had never come so close to a ship before. He changed course and flew upward.

Once there, he sat down on the railing and first had to get an overview. The ship was rocking terribly and the storm was so strong that he had to cling to the railing with his feet.

Slowly he waddled around on the rusted iron bar. He wanted to see where the front of the huge ship was. Finally he turned on his yellow lantern and flew up to the bridge.

The beam of light made its way through the thick, gray layer of fog. His feathers had gotten all wet and heavy, but he didn’t mind. Jeffrey liked the stormy and rough sea.

Suddenly, he saw a large pane of glass in front of him. Here, he knew, was where the captains of the ships always sat. They steered these huge steel blocks through the oceans and needed the lighthouses for orientation.

Jeffrey moved his lantern up and down and saw an old, bearded man with a blue cap peering through the thick glass pane. Jeffrey wondered how long this captain had been wandering around with his ship.

The captain saw Jeffrey flying around in front of the glass pane. He looked quite astonished and pinched his face. He had to make sure that he had not already fallen asleep and was only dreaming that a seagull with a lantern around its neck was sitting on his ship.

But it seemed to be reality. Ahead of him, a soaking wet seagull flew up and down, eagerly swinging a yellow lantern toward the west.

“Does that bird really want to show me the way?” the captain asked his officer. 

The latter looked at him rather puzzled and replied, “Apparently this seagull is the only creature in this area that can get us out of this storm alive.”

Jeffrey sped up his movements with the lantern. Slowly, his wings grew heavier and the storm grew stronger. “What are they waiting for? I can’t fly in place much longer!” grumbled Jeffrey.

Suddenly the ship honked and the engine grew louder. It hummed and rattled and a large black cloud enveloped Jeffrey.

He could no longer see anything and flew up into the sky as fast as he could. From there he saw the ship change course to the west and fight its way through the high waves.

“Just in time,” thought Jeffrey. In front of him, a sharp rock jutted into the sky. But there was no time to rest. There were still many ships waiting for his help that day.

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