The Sun and the Wind

The Sun and the Wind

One fine morning, as the sun bathed the sky in a golden light and the wind blew gently through the trees, the two began to argue about their powers.

“I’m much stronger than you,” the wind boasted. “I can uproot trees and kick up storms!”

The sun, hanging calmly and serenely in the sky, smiled and replied: “But my warmth and light bring life and joy. I am gentle but powerful.”

“Gentle? That’s boring!” shouted the wind. “I bet I can prove that I’m stronger than you. See that man down there? I bet I can get his coat off faster and more effectively than you can.”

The sun nodded thoughtfully and replied, “Well, that sounds like an interesting challenge. Try it and we’ll see.”

The wind began to blow with all its might. It whirled and blew so that the trees bent and the leaves flew through the air. But the stronger the wind blew, the tighter the man pulled his coat around himself to shield against the cold breeze.

Finally, the wind gave up, exhausted. It was the sun’s turn. It began to shine gently and warmly down on the man. The man felt the pleasant warmth on his body and began to feel comfortable.

Eventually, he became warm enough that he opened his coat and took it off. With its gentle nature, the sun had achieved what the wind had been unable to do with all its strength.

What is the moral of The Sun and the Wind?
This story teaches us that kindness and gentleness are often more effective than strength and force. It also reminds us that sometimes you can achieve more with a gentle word and patience than with harsh words or coercion.
What do you think?
From your point of view, what is the moral of this fable? Let us know in the comments!

Note: This story is based on Aesop’s fable, written around 600 BC. It was modernized and illustrated by us.

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