The Raven and the Fox

The Raven and the Fox

In a large, green forest, where the sun’s rays danced through the leaves of the trees, lived a black raven. The raven was proud of his shiny plumage and his strong voice.

One day, he found a beautiful piece of cheese. He quickly grabbed it and flew up to the highest branch of a tree to enjoy it in peace.

A sly fox lived at the bottom of that same tree. The fox was very hungry and when he saw the cheese in the raven’s beak, he had an idea.

The fox looked up at the raven and called, “Oh, noble raven! How beautiful you are! Your plumage is as shiny and dark as the night. Surely your voice is as beautiful as your looks.”

The raven heard the fox’s words and felt very flattered. He fluffed his feathers and felt very proud.

“Won’t you sing me a song, dear raven?” asked the fox in a sweet voice. “I’ve heard that ravens have the most beautiful voices in the forest.”

The raven was so flattered that he decided to sing for the fox. 

He opened his beak wide, but the moment he began to sing, the piece of cheese fell straight down into the jaws of the waiting fox.

The fox quickly grabbed the cheese and said, “Thank you, dear raven, for your song—and your lunch. You have a beautiful voice, but you shouldn’t be so vain.”

The raven was sad and angry because he had lost his cheese. He had learned an important lesson.

What is the moral of The Raven and the Fox?
The fable teaches us that we should be careful when it comes to flattery. It is important to be keep a level head, especially when it comes to praise that could tempt us to act rashly. Wisdom and mindfulness are valuable in avoiding being deceived by the words of others.
What do you think?
From your point of view, what is the moral of this fable? Let us know in the comments!

Note: This story is based on Aesop’s fable, written around 600 BC. It was modernized and illustrated by us.

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