When Sunny Is No Longer Around

When Sunny is no Longer Around

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The next day the sun came up. It was already bright in the sky, when all of a sudden, the squirrel mother was heard squealing, “How could this happen? Children, you should have been at school long ago.” 

Shortly thereafter, father fox shouted, “This can’t be true! I have never missed going to hunt on time!” The mice had overslept, too. They would now get in trouble at school for not showing up on time for class.

So it went on day after day. The mice and squirrels woke up only when the sun was already high in the sky. They thus missed the best time to gather enough nuts and grains for the winter. 

“If this continues, we won’t be able to accumulate enough supplies!” whined the mouse father. All the animals gathered again and wondered what had happened and why they had all overslept.

The wise owl came flying down from the tree and said, “Don’t you remember what happened? You wished you could sleep longer and not be awakened. Sunny is gone now. He woke you up conscientiously and on time every day so that the children could get to school on time and you could go about your work.”

The animals looked at each other. They all suddenly realized how much they missed Sunny. He didn’t want to disturb them with his chirping, but had taken on an important task in the forest. They decided to immediately go on a search and apologize to Sunny.

“You are right, wise owl. We now know how important Sunny’s chirping really is. We didn’t do the right thing. How on earth can we find him again? He must have flown far away.” The animals asked the owl to keep an eye out for Sunny because they didn’t know where to look for him.

The wise owl had an idea and immediately flew off. At the far edge of the forest, she heard a sad chirping. The wise owl recognized the voice immediately. The owl told Sunny how much the other animals missed him and that they would love to have him back with them.

The next morning, Sunny chirped happily from the branch again, and all the animals were able to start the day on time. All of them thanked him in the morning for the wake-up call and were very happy about his return.

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