When Sunny Is No Longer Around

When Sunny is no Longer Around

It was slowly getting colder in the forest, and the sun was only visible for a few hours a day. The mouse family had built a cozy nest in a large mound of earth. The hedgehog lived in the pile of leaves next door with his wife and children.

The badger and its offspring lived right next to the fox family. Up in the treetops, little bushy squirrels were doing gymnastics under the watchful eyes of the old owl.

Every animal had to do its job at the onset of winter in order to find enough food in time for the snowy days. So it was important to start collecting early. As soon as the sun went down, all the animals withdrew and snuggled into their warm and soft nests.

The sun had not yet come out of its hiding place when there was already a wild chirping and twittering from a narrow branch. It was Sunny, who was always the first to wake up and greet the day with his chirping. His calls were so loud that all the animals were shaken out of their sound sleep.

“Oh what a racket it is out there every morning!” scolded the mother mouse. Her little charges were now jumping around lively in the nest, even before breakfast was prepared. 

“Doesn’t the bird have anything else to do but rouse us all from our sleep?” rumbled the badger from his burrow over to the fox. The fox also joined in, showing his displeasure.

That morning, the animals goaded each other so much that they all met and complained about the daily noise. “If Sunny were gone, we could all sleep much longer!” cried the old hedgehog.

The brave rabbit boy suggested that they talk to Sunny and ask him to be a little more considerate in the morning. The others agreed to his suggestion. So the bunny boy sat down under the branch where Sunny usually started his wake-up call.

“Hey, Sunny, don’t you realize that you are disturbing all of us and shaking us out of our sleep way too early? All the animals in the forest were discussing today that they would be happy if you were gone.”

Sunny sat on that branch today, too, and looked down at the rabbit boy. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He suddenly became very sad. He thought to himself, “If this is really true, then it seems I am no longer welcome here.” 

The rabbit boy saw Sunny fly away, so he went back to the other animals.

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