The Early Onset Of Winter

The Early Onset of Winter

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It was getting dark, and one thick snowflake after another fell gently on his fur. Sometimes he shook himself because it got too cold. Then behind a tree, he saw a little bird. “Hello little bird, what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be sitting in the tree or flying around?”

The bird replied, “You’re right. I’m rarely down here on the ground, but I need to find something to eat. Winter came so suddenly.”

Timmy looked into his basket. There were only two nuts left in it. “Bird, I have only two nuts left. But I can give you one of them.” The bird thanked him and flew away with the nut in his beak.

Timmy looked into the almost empty basket. “One nut – I won’t get through the winter with that!” But he now had to make his way home, for it had become too cold and dark for gathering.

Winter was getting icier with each passing day. The trees bore a thick blanket of snow on their branches. Timmy was worried and sat down on a large stone by the side of the path.

Just then, the little mouse came by. “Hello, Timmy. You look sad. What’s wrong?” Timmy explained to the little mouse that he had shared all his nuts with the others and now had nothing himself.

The little mouse remembered how the squirrel shared his nuts and said, “I managed to find some cheese and some grains. I’ll be glad to give you some.” The mouse shared its supplies and said goodbye.

“Hello, squirrel,” a bird chirped from the tree. “Here, I have an earthworm for you.” The little bird flew down to the ground and gave Timmy the worm. He hastily gobbled down the worm and thanked the little bird.

Some time later, the limping rabbit and hedgehog also came by and said, “We met the little mouse today. The mouse told us that you shared all your supplies and are now hungry yourself.”

“I can give you some of my milk that I got from the farm,” said the hedgehog. The rabbit showed him an apple and shared it with Timmy. “We’ll all keep looking for supplies, and we can show you a place where you’ll find lots of nuts.”

“There is enough food for all of us on the way to the human settlement,” reported the hedgehog. 

“Thank you, I will be very happy to come with you.” The little squirrel arranged to meet the hedgehog and the rabbit. They were going to meet at sunrise the next morning.

The little squirrel was grateful for the help of the other animals and was now no longer afraid of winter. He snuggled into his nest and looked forward to the next day’s joint search for supplies.

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