Leo The Cat And The Thief

Leo The Cat And The Thief

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From below, an announcement sounded from the police loudspeaker. “Please close all doors and windows! There is a thief on the run in the area.”

The cat’s fur bristled. What was he supposed to do now? “Are thieves dangerous to cats, too?” he briefly wondered. But there wasn’t time for that now – he had to act.

As the man was about to take the heavy sack from his shoulder and throw it down the chimney, Leo mustered all his courage. 

He arched his back, jumped out from behind the chimney and hissed at the thief like a lion. Then he jumped through the skylight back to his family’s attic and pulled the window shut behind him. 

The thief was so startled that he lost his balance and began to slide off the roof. He just managed to grab hold of the gutter. 

His heavy bag tumbled down and landed with a thud down in the yard. The police looked up and discovered the thief. Now all they had to do was pull him down and take him to the police station.

Leo had really not expected such excitement. “No one is going to believe all this, meow!” he thought to himself. “My family is so busy, I’m sure they didn’t even notice.”

A short time later, Leo’s family came up to the attic, still in rubber boots and visibly exhausted. They had brought him something to eat. They opened the skylight, stuck their heads out the window and peered at the chimney.

“Oh, Leo, how good that you weren’t frightened by all this action. Just think! A thief tried to escape across our roof! The police asked us if we have a cat because the thief kept repeating, ‘If that cat hadn’t been there, you never would have caught me!'” 

“If you only knew,” Leo grinned, letting himself be scratched briefly before setting to work on his food. He had truly earned this meal! 

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