Leo The Cat And The Thief

Leo The Cat And The Thief

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They had shaken their heads at the mess before starting to skim the water off and mop it up. That’s why Leo was now in the attic trying to find a peaceful place to rest.

After a thorough examination of the space, he found it quite exciting to look out of the open skylight. “Wow, it’s pretty high up here. I wonder what it would be like to walk on the roof!” he thought. 

Leo had never tried such a daring thing before. “Meow, I’ll just go out to the chimney to see how the view is from there,” the cat thought to himself as he jumped onto the roof. 

Leo felt strong and brave. He strutted from one end of the roof to the other and discovered a bird’s nest in the gutter. He watched excitedly as birds flew into the nest with a worm or a fly in their beaks and flew away again. 

When he lost interest in the birds, he leaned against the chimney and enjoyed the warm rays of sun and the warm wind on his nose. Unfortunately, his newfound peace did not last long.

Suddenly, down in the courtyard, the sirens of several police cars were wailing. Leo was startled and sat rooted to the spot. 

Before he could look down to see what they were after, he saw a man approaching. He had a large heavy bag on his back and had just climbed onto the roof. He was now on his way towards the chimney where Leo was hiding.

Leo didn’t make a sound. He would have liked to escape, but he didn’t dare look out from behind the chimney. Somehow he knew this man was trouble. 

“What’s that guy doing on the roof? He doesn’t look very friendly. Luckily he hasn’t spotted me yet,” thought Leo as he circled the chimney again and again so as not to be discovered. He kept the stranger in his sight.

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