Leo The Cat And The Thief

Leo The Cat And The Thief

“There must be somewhere up here I can make myself comfortable,” Leo thought, sniffing every corner of the attic. The place wasn’t particularly tidy. 

The attic was considered the junk room of the house. It was where anything that was no longer needed could be found.

Old dressers, dusty lampshades, worn-out suitcases and abandoned travel souvenirs from faraway countries lay scattered on the floor.

Timeworn pictures leaned against the walls, wrapped in cloth when there had no longer been a suitable place for them to be displayed in the apartment. 

All this surrounded the cat as he searched for a satisfactory place to settle. “Why does my family keep all this junk?” he thought, wrinkling his nose at all the dust. 

“It smells awfully musty in here. Plus it’s gloomy with only these little skylights. And all these cobwebs everywhere are not very inviting! Well, meow! What I won’t do to find some peace and quiet!”

At that moment, one was actually better off in the attic than anywhere else in the house. A burst water pipe in the bathroom had thrown the main living area into chaos. 

The whole living room was under water and all the carpets were soaked. It had probably happened when Leo was sleeping on the warm windowsill because he hadn’t even noticed. 

He had woken up hungry and it was only when he jumped down to the floor that he had realized what a mess the room was. “Wet paws are not for cats,” he had thought.

He had looked around for a dry patch, but the water was everywhere. “Where did it all come from?” he had wondered. In one leap, he had jumped back onto the windowsill to wait.

A short while later, his family had come in the room with buckets, friends and even the neighbors. They all had rubber boots on – in the middle of the living room!

Leo had then been unceremoniously lifted from the windowsill and set down in the hallway on the ladder up to the attic. “It’s going to be a few days until we get this all dry and back to the way it was,” they had told him.

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