The Bragging Grasshopper

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The Bragging Grasshopper

One beautiful, sunny day, a small grasshopper was sitting in a lush meadow. He felt very safe in his surroundings because he was the same shade of bright green as the grass around him. He lazily watched as bumblebees and colorful butterflies danced from one fragrant flower to another around him. 

Then the grasshopper noticed a small field mouse. He was very restless and nervous-looking. He kept looking behind his back and to the sides and was constantly looking for a new hiding place. The grasshopper realized it was because the mouse was afraid of the fox that roamed the meadow.

“No one will discover me here!” the grasshopper shouted. “When I sit on a blade of grass, no one can see me because I blend right in!” 

“I’m invisible to everyone!” he went on, shouting in the direction of the frightened mouse. “I feel so… free! I can sit here, dance, sing, even jump! No one will find me! I have the best camouflage in the whole world!” 

Out of his mind with arrogance, the grasshopper didn’t even notice that someone that was also as green as the grass was getting closer.

Before the grasshopper could even sense the danger, the little field mouse whistled loudly. 

“Grasshopper, watch out!” he said. “There’s a frog in the grass that wants to eat you!”

The grasshopper saw the frog and was able to get to safety just in time. He hopped over to the little field mouse. 

“Thank you, little mouse!” said the grasshopper. “You saved me with your caution! From now on, I’m going to stop bragging so much and be more mindful.” 

The grasshopper and the little field mouse hid under a rock together until the frog and the fox moved away.

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