Bedtime Stories for Adults

Many people were read bedtime stories in their childhood. And even as adults, many do not want to go to bed without them. On this page, you will find a wide collection of free bedtime stories for adults.

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Many decisions and situations in our everyday life cause us stress. Especially when we fall asleep, our thoughts often still revolve around certain moments of the past day. Sometimes, it is also the thoughts of the tasks of the next day that keep us awake in bed.

Bedtime stories for adults can help to relax and stimulate the imagination. They prevent you from concentrating on everyday life worries and help you focus your mind on adventures and mythical creatures. What works for children’s stories can also work for adults.

Themes of the Bedtime Stories for Adults

Bedtime Stories for Adults

Of course, the themes of the stories depend entirely on one’s own taste. Some people like to read stories about animals or mythical creatures that are actually written for children. The simple language helps them relax and can clear their minds. 

But not all bedtime stories are written in a childish way or are not interesting for adults. Some bedtime stories are even made especially for adults because the respective situations are very complex or require a certain knowledge level for full comprehension.

Our most popular bedtime stories are about Leo, the friendly house cat. In the stories, he experiences the funniest adventures. For example, he bakes waffles while his family is out or knits himself a colorful sweater with the help of a friend. 

Other stories are about Jasper, the thoughtful lion, and his friends. Jasper accidentally destroyed his grandmother’s ancient teapot. Now, he and his friends are thinking about how to make it up to her.

Read for Yourself or Be Read To

Whether the story is read by oneself or by the partner is often irrelevant for the effect and relaxation. Some couples also opt for audiobooks so that they can relax together. For this, many resort to old cassettes. 

But it can become a nice ritual to take turns reading a bedtime story for adults to each other with your partner every evening.

We would be very happy if you leave us a comment. Let us know which story you like best. In any case, we wish you a good night!